Be determine in campus

A girl came from a Christian family before she got admission into the university, also she came from a poor background, her father manage to raise up money for her clearance in school to see that their lovely girl goes to school with her mate ,when she got to school,she was doing well for some month,but it got to some point ,she started keeping bad friend that influence her into keeping boyfriend ,her friend told her as a matured girl ,she need a boy in her life that will make her feel good,and the one that will provide all her need.

Though it was her parents fault because,they were not able to provide their daughter material need,all the same ,is not their fault ,she supposed to be managing the small one she had,but her friend lured her to bad life,she started visiting her boyfriend secretly while in school.

In her second year in school,fails was recorded in her result,she cried over it and carried on with her life, She lost her virginity to the boy she claim she loved.

 When the girl travel home ,she pretend to be good girl ,she is not,she was ,18 yes but loom like  a 30 yrs old lady ,the father kept nagging and advicing her not knowing that the daughter has gone fair with her wicked life.

More story is coming up,but my advice to the lady out there is this, please when your parent boost of you at home ,please try to show them ,that you are what they thought, and prove to the world that one can live right while on campus.